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A movement by Claire Seeber to accelerate the career and leadership growth and success of brilliant humans, just like you.

With the tools and support, you can go from being a spectator in your career, to a leader who is heard, noticed and having a real impact. Through the EYCT Podcast, Resources, Community and Coaching - we are here for you.


Hi, I'm Claire! 

Internationally recognised and accredited Career and Leadership Coach, Change Driver and People and Culture Consultant. I believe that the world needs more heart. More humour. And a greater ability to have real and honest conversations. Human to Human.

I’ve supported hundreds of driven, ambitious and laser focussed women (and men!) become better leaders, more courageous individuals, and more in control of their own career success.

Grace Gorman

After being made redundant from a job I loved and an employer of 10 years, I felt quite lost when I first reached out to Claire, fast forward 5 months and I have all the tools, confidence & genuinely excited to put myself back out there knowing what I want out of my next role. If you think you might need help, you probably do and I couldn't recommend Claire high enough!

Chris Thompson

"Despite many of us being passionate, ambitious and mindful as we embark on our careers, we all have blind spots in our ability to influence others. Claire has dedicated countless hours to discovering where to identify these blind spots in her clients and building an effective roadmap in pulling them into sight. I have found her insights and support incredibly beneficial in my career."

Katie Gerson

I was so lost when I started with Claire after a career transition, family emergencies, and then the pandemic. By my third session, I reconfirmed and started to realign with my life values and goals, both personally and professionally. Honestly, I cannot stop smiling about it!  Working with Claire is a direct investment to yourself with a holistic approach that builds from each session.

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