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Feedback from my coaching clients:

Natasha Garlick

Claire helped me find the confidence to take control of my career and have conversations I may otherwise have put off. This lead to great results for me and my career progression. Claire helped me work out my strengths and weaknesses and understand how I can use them to create my own personal brand. I can’t recommend Claire enough!

Kelly Cushman

You know the feeling when that "thing" that has been standing in your way shifts? We are often the creator of that "thing" we create it, we nurture it and we allow it to run wild within us. We listen to it and we are influenced by it. My work with Claire has and continues to give me perspective and clarity allowing me to put my "thing' in its place. This may sound a little crazy but that's another thing Claire has taught me ,that its OK to love who you are, as you are.

Shannon Payne

I've been working with Claire for almost a year now, and I would highly recommend her to anyone as a coach! She is passionate about what she does and gives a fresh perspective to encourage improvements both professionally and personally. I find her relatable and down-to-earth, and she brings amazing energy to every conversation we have. She has been a game-changer for me! Thank you Claire!

Who is Claire Seeber?

Claire is an internationally recognised Career and Leadership Coach, Speaker, Facilitator and founder of Eating your Cake too – A business on a mission to elevate women globally into game changing career and leadership positions that they love. With over 15 years’ experience in HR, Recruitment and Training for global organisations, Claire knows a thing or two about what separates the people who get what they want at work from those who don’t.


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