Your Career Game Plan for Sustained Success – MASTERCLASS


Get noticed, get promoted and make yourself relevant with a career masterclass for just $27!

Want to know the 5 CRITICAL pillars that will catapult your career and ensure that it’s YOUR NAME on people’s lips when decisions about new opportunities are being made?


In this Masterclass, we’ll cover off on….

✅The key items that people almost ALWAYS neglect and then wonder why they get passed over from opportunity time and time again.

✅Ways you can boost your own professional brand both internally and externally to your organisation without having to feel like you’re selling your soul!

✅I’ll tell you my key learnings from 15+ years in HR on what separates those that get the promotion or the new job, from those that don’t.

✅The critical elements that have been holding you back from taking control of your career.

✅My secret framework that will guarantee you are seen, heard and noticed at work.


You’ll get to tap into my brain and expertise that landed clients like the incredible people below amazing results…..


Hosted by me, Claire Seeber:

Internationally recognised Career and Leadership Coach, Speaker, Facilitator, Ex- Corporate Ninja and Executive General Manager of HR for organisations large, small and in between. Oh, and I’m also the Founder of Eating your Cake too – A business on a mission to elevate women globally into GAME-CHANGING Career and Leadership positions that they love.

Soooooooo…. Do I know my stuff when it comes to the people who get the opportunities and the people that don’t? Ah-hell yes I do. Do I know what it takes to really be seen, heard and noticed in a workplace for the reasons you WANT to be. You bet I do.

Probably because I am armed with:

🔥Over 15 years in Human Resources, Recruitment, Training and Career Development experience
🔥I’ve been AT the table when decisions are made about who gets the promotion, the pay rises AND the game-changing career opportunities
🔥All the tools to help you succeed including a degree in Human Resources, Marketing and Management, a post graduate in Employee Relations, plus multiple certifications as a practising Organisational and Career Coach.
🔥Experience helping clients all over the world to show up with more confidence, clarity and a career and leadership GAME PLAN that actually translates to results.

And best of all, I am sharing it with you for just $27 !!!!


In just one hour, you could change your career for the better, FOREVER.

⭐No more hoping, waiting and wondering if your hard work is paying off.⭐
⭐No more wishing that your manager would just read your mind about your dreams and ambitions.⭐
⭐NO MORE thinking that just taking on more tasks will be the key to your success.⭐

This one hour MASTERCLASS will give you the tools you need to take control and drive your career success.

And, like seriously, for $27 how could you not give it a go?
That’s like the price of one meal in an average restaurant, OR…..
the power to turn your career around, get the pay rise you want, the promotion you deserve, and be TRULY fulfilled.


For just $27 you’ll get;

  • This epic one hour masterclass that will give you a tried and tested career game plan
  • A practical and hands-on workbook for you to bring your learnings to life and start taking action on your own career goals
  • LIFETIME access to the Masterclass so that you can watch it again and again and again – trust me – there are SO many gold nuggets in this masterclass that you’ll need to rewatch it a few times!

So, what’ll it be?

Keep waiting and hoping someone will notice your worth at work?
Pay just $27, take control of your career and get the recognition you’re looking for.


Still on the fence?

I’ve got a rock solid 7 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

This Masterclass is 100% risk free.

If you feel like you don’t get value from the training, you can email [email protected] anytime within the 7 days following your purchase, show us your completed workbook, and we will happily refund your full $27.